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The Pool Project

The Pool Project

Your standard redneck inflatable ring pool is a great way to cool off in the summer, and the price is right. Forget spending thousands on an aboveground pool, or tens of thousands for an in ground pool. These beauties can be had for a hundred bucks or less at your local Wal-Mart. This type of pool has become a common sight in many neighborhoods. They've supplanted the "Wet Bannanna" as the standard for water fun in the summer. But what to do in the winter? Sure, one could simply drain the pool per the instructions and store it safely away until the heat of next summer. That's what any normal person would do, but where's the fun in that? A much more bizzare thing to do would be to keep the pool clean and fully stocked with chemicals and simply keep swimming throughout the winter. Call it crazy, call it stupid, call it what you like. We call it the pool project.

Date Water Temp Comment
10-23-2005 64°? The first swim of the pool project. Things don't look good
10-30-2005 58° Swim number two. First sub sixty degree swim
11-06-2005 66° A respite from the cold
11-13-2005 62° Another fairly warm swim
11-20-2005 52° Coldest one yet
11-27-2005 60° "This is supposed to be warm!"
12-03-2005 53° Within 1 degree of the coldest
12-11-2005 45° Brutal
12-18-2005 46° New swimming technique
12-26-2005 50° A walk in the park?
01-01-2006 N/A No Swim
01-08-2006 54° Back in the saddle
01-15-2006 52° A rather blustery day
01-22-2006 49° No swim, but a good excuse
01-29-2006 54° When is the first day of spring?
02-05-2006 46° Ouch...Cold snap.
02-12-2006 43° new low temp
02-19-2006 40° A brutal swim full of icy goodness
02-26-2006 52° No Swim
03-05-2006 56° (Hopefully) the start of the climb into spring
03-12-2006 71° This is The End