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The Pool Project Week Seventeen

Week Seventeen. I definitely think that "redneck inflatable pool ice diving" should be an olympic event. Have you seen the incredibly boring stuff that passes for olympic events nowdays? I mean Curling? Come ON! Curling is nothing more than ice shuffleboard meets the janitorial trade. What would you rather wach on TV? Some middle aged chick sliding rocks down the ice shouting at her teammates to "hurry hard" or a pasty, overweight dude shrieking like someone just hit him in the shins with an pickaxe because the surface temperature of his skin just went from 90 degrees to 40 degrees in about a hundredth of a second. I'm not sure what the criteria would be for judging, but that's ok. Most olympic events are a crapshoot anyway. Does anyone really KNOW how they score ice skating? It's just a bunch of washed up former ice skaters pulling numbers out of their bums. Well anyway, I suppose as the father of "redneck inflatable pool ice diving" and the sport's only competitor, I must be the reigning world champ.
Oh yeah...and the water was really cold...I had to scoop the ice out with a skimmer so I didn't bump my noggin on a big chunk when I dove in. I'd definitely say that colder temperatures are less painful on the whole. You get numb a LOT quicker, but that initial shock is baaaaad mojo hombre.

Image of the thermoeter
MPEG movie of the swim 5.4MB