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The Pool Project Week Eighteen

Week Eighteen. We got the first significant snowfall of the year this weekend, and the temperatures were a LOT colder than they've been recently. The ambient temperature was around 30 degrees at the time of this week's swim. That works to make a particularly brutal edition of the pool project. The pool was iced up pretty good so I wasn't able to do the traditional dive. I had to stand in the pool and just drop in when time was called. I MUCH prefer the dive. At least when I dive in I can convince my mind that nothing is going on until it figures it out for itself just before we hit the water.
My mind: "Why the hell are we standing out here in shorts and a T shirt? Let's go in and watch Futurama"
Me: "Oh, no reason really, we're just going for a little walk and we forgot to put on pants again...that's it."
My mind: "Why are we running toward that redneck inflatable ring pool that you refused to put away last fall?"
Me: "We're just getting in a bit of cardio exercise. You KNOW how we need to trim down a bit, don't be so paranoid! You always overthink."
My mind: "Why aren't we going around it?? Why aren't we turning! Pull up! Pull up! Mayday Mayday We're going down!"
Me: "heh heh, SUCKER!"
At that point, I get a sharp pain in the front part of my head and I don't hear from my mind for a few hours...weird. Anyway...Water cold.

Image of the thermoeter
MPEG movie of the swim 5.4MB