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The Pool Project Week Twenty

Week Twenty. I hesitate to call any swim in the pool project easy. Each one has its own special brutal memory etched in my mind. This one however was nearly a pleasure to do. No danger of conking my noodle on a big block of ice, no worries about (ahem) important parts freezing and falling know what I'm talking about. Anyway, this doesn't mean that I willingly leapt into the pool when the time came. No, if anything this one took LONGER to do than the colder swims. When it's cold out, you're ALREADY uncomfortable standing out there in your skivvies, and you want to make it end as soon as possible. If that means you've got to dive into a pool of brain searingly cold water, so be it. When it's warm out though, you can allow yourself the luxury of indulging in some procrastination. The only reason I eventually DID get in the pool was my wife started humming the theme from know "Eye of the Tiger". Anyway, I think I'll have to invest some time this week cleaning out the old pool, I've let it go a little to long. The water now has the consistency of ungelled jello. Enjoy

Image of the thermoeter
MPEG movie of the swim 5.4MB