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The Pool Project Week Twenty-One

Week Twenty-One. Let me assure you, that everything in the video of this week's swim is as it appears. There is no trickery or special effects. I am sure there will be those who might have their doubts about this swim, but I can only offer my assurances that this swim is strictly aboveboard. Now with that out of the way, I must announce that this will be the final swim of the pool project. I had to make some hard bargains for this to get this swim on film. The reasons for the bargaining will become apparent when you've watched the video. One of the concessions I had to make was that the pool would be drained. Even when it is refilled, it won't be the same. At any rate I present to you the grand finale of the pool project.

BTW have you ever seen Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation"? That movie is hilarious! There's no particular reason I mention that...

Image of the thermoeter
MPEG movie of the swim 4.9MB