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The Pool Project Week Nine

Week Nine. Well, I foolishly added a new wrinkle this week. In an effort to silence my critics who claim that my swims were not actually swims because my whole body isn't submerged, I stayed in up to my neck the entire time. The only problem with this is that in order to have critics, one must have viewers as well. No viewers==no critics. So, in an effort to cause myself more physical pain, I submerged my body up to my neck for the duration of the swim. It the effort was a rousing success and you can easily view the result below
I've also added an extra movie. In this one, my camerawoman underestimated my need to stall for time before actually taking the plunge.

Image of the thermoeter
MPEG movie of the swim 5.4MB
MPEG movie of dustin stalling 3.0MB