Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still doing that thing when you take your picture every day?

Yes, Yes I am.

Did you know you stink?

Stinking is purely subjective. Some people LIKE the fetid odor of foot powder and stale cigarette smoke

I thought this was a fashion blog. Why aren't you very fashionable?

Look, I can't have everything.

What kind of camera do you use?

A terrible 4MP Optio camera I got used from Amazon for like $20. Higher resolution photos won't add anything to the site.

Can I send you a T-Shirt that you will wear for me?

Sure! Just email me and I'll send you my mailing address. I've had a couple people do that and I always get a kick out of it. I've had more than a couple people promise to send me something and then flake out, so don't be one of those!

You've got too much time on your hands!

Firstly, that's not a question. Secondly at least I'm DOING something here. Sure I'm not curing cancer or even helping to cure cancer. I'm not even "raising awareness" of cancer, cause let's face it most people are already aware of it. And why is curing cancer the benchmark for determining if a pursuit is worthwhile anyway? I think it's worth the time. That's all that counts in my book

Can I buy from you?

This one is actually the most frequently asked question. It gets asked so often that I actually have a fairly standard email response that I send out to people who ask it. Here's the gist of it. The current price for is somewhere between "take a year off work" and "set for life". I'm under no illusion that anyone would actually pay that kind of money for a stupid website. I mean this isn't or anything. So while the site is technically for sale, you're not going to pay it. I run the site because it amuses me and I don't see a reasonable amount of money bringing me nearly as much amusement. So make an offer, but I probably won't accept it.

Do you know about that OTHER whatiwore blog?

There are several, but yes I do. All I have to say about any other similar site it is I was doing this first, and I'll be doing it long after they are gone. I won't be doing it any better you understand? I only promise longevity, not quality. It's easy to do when you're not actually producing anything.

Why did you remove the merch and pool project?

Copyright issues.

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